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Official Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge LED Flip Wallet Cover - Silver Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge screen from harm and keep up to date with your notifications through the intuitive LED display with the official silver LED cover from Samsung.
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 4.4 stars from 91 customers

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Great buy
Robust case for the S7 Edge. The LED feature is great for alerting you to messages and calls when your phone is on silent.
Highly recommended
Great product, that doesn't suffer from finger prints..
I bought this case for my wife's Galaxy S7 Edge.. She already had the clear view cover, which is also a good case, but it can be prone to finger marks, so after seeing one of these cases on a work colleagues note 8, I thought the edge case must be just as good.. I particularly like the way the number flashes up when receiving a call, and you can swipe to answer without opening the case... Great product...
Was OK for a while - and then...
Bought this about 18 months ago, The LEDs stopped working after about a year and now the 'gold' covering has peeled off. I think it should last a bit longer than that for this price and as it's an official Samsung product.
Quick delivery and quality product
Very cool!
I didn't wait that long to receive it in Canada from the U.K, maybe 5 business days. So delivery was fast and they offer this product cheaper than Samsung does. The rose gold looks lovely and the LED is working great so far. Everyone who sees it is quite impressed!

I have read online that the LED craps out after only a few months so I am keeping an eye out for this, and hopefully MobileFun will replace it if/when that happens.
Very pleased with purchase
Purchased Samsung led s7 flip case.loveky slim case, very pleased with purchase.
After few months the led randomly stopped working, mobile fun. We're fab they swapped it straight away no problem. Wish more companies acted so promptly like they did. Highly rate them would purchase again in a flash.thanks mobile fun
Good value for money
First wallet in pleather. Better than the plastic one as it does not scratch and maintains the new look. Fulfills what I need: screen protection, complete phone protection, smart, & scratch free. It is a little larger than the plastic equivalent, but cheaper, and you soon get used to the size which isn't a lot bigger.
can't live without it
Awesome cover. It seems a bit expensive at first. I bought one with the phone when it was new. After it stopped working, it was just way too convenient to not replace it. The images for people you know you want to talk to mean not even having to open the cover to answer the call and talk to them. And being able to see the time in numbers big enough to read without glasses is "priceless".
fabulous case
I love the feel of this case, I love how it protects my phone when it falls. Best of all, I love how it lights up with the time, number of messages or other info. The colour is great. The only thing that I find a little annoying is the fact that it tends to open up if I lay the phone down on its back.
Elegant phone cover
Great phone cover with the LED lights!
Rubbish job
I don't understand how this item has 5*. It obviously didn't do the job it was designed for, so I ended up having a smashed screen as phone jumped out of the case when accidentally dropped. The flap doesn't stay shut either. Not happy at all!
Fantastic Cover
Fantastic product from Samsung, fits the Samsung Galaxy just right and the notification flash through quite Bright.
Thanks for great customer service works well.
It does its job.
These LEDs are a nice little feature. The case feels good to the touch and it really helps to get a firm grip on the phone, which is a bit slippery without it :)

Overall, it's a fine product that I can recommend to the others wanting to protect their devices from the most of the signs of everyday usage :)
Does not last.
Died in less than three weeks of use. Samsung support horrible to deal with. Highly recommend staying away from this.
Led not function after 3 month
So disappointed,after 3 month i used it the led light suddenly not working,such a waste of my money.
Excellent produt better than expected
Really great product nice case with LED front cover read out, really surprised by technology as there are no wiring connections and LED front panel lights up with useful information
Love it!!!
Very happy with phone cover thx
Official Samsung S7 Edge Led Flip Wallet Cover
Thank you very happy with the product and easy transaction
However the delivery took nearly 3-weeks
Easy functional and good looking
Easy to use, functional and looks great
Phone case
Quality product received promptly. Many thanks
Not as good as Note7 LED Flip Case, but still worth it for me . . .
I'm one of the many victims of the Note7 debacle. Loved that phone (twice), but now it's gone. I had the LED Flip case for the Note7, and wanted to replicate my experience as closely as possible on my downgrade, the S7 Edge.
The case is very similar in construction and appearance. For the month or two that I had the Note7 LED Flip case, it held up well. Prior to the Note7, I had both a Note 4 and a Note 2, and have always preferred the slimmer flip cases - I'm reasonably careful with my phones, and have never had a scratched screen with the flip case, even though I'll often pocket the phone with other items.
One disappointment is that the S7 Edge LED case does not appear to allow custom LED 'icons' to be created - that was an awesome feature of the LED case for the Note7.
Of greater concern, I've found the high-speed wireless charging stands to be less reliable with the S7 Edge LED case than my Note7 experience. I have to be much more careful about how I set the phone on the charging stand.
Overall, still glad I got the case!
Samsung Case
Brilliant product and excellent service from Mobile Fun.
Ordered at 4.50pm Friday and had my case in my hand by 10.00am Saturday morning,
Case fits the phone lovely and adds very little bulk to it. Everyone asking where I got it from, don't hesitate to buy.
Fabulous cover
Excellent protection for the phone plus turn on/off with flip cover very practical. LED time/symbol feature concealed on flip cover is a very smart and useful feature.
Samsung phone case
This product is perfect, great service from MobileZap, fast postage, great communication. Very happy on all aspects. Cheers Sandy
It does what it says on the box
Great service, goods arrived promptly. It does what it says on the box.
Not built to last. I would call this phone cover cheap crap but theres nothing cheap about it so ill just call it crap. Stopped working after 3 months.
Really Peeved!
Purchased on 27th June 2016 by this actual day I type 22nd September 2016, it has literally just stopped. Am really not impressed as I specifically got it because it was banded as the "Official" product cover plus it is aesthetically lovely and at this type of price I expect it to still be working. It has not been through any battles or scrapes, not even water. What do I do to get a replacement and I don't feel that I should have to stump up for another one. As a loyal customer I would like this investigated as now I have got a case that doesn't do what it says on the tin!
MobileFun Reply
Hi Donna

Sorry to hear you have had problems with this case. Simply contact our Customer Services team and we will investigate for you.
Looks great but LED doesn't last!
As lovely as this looks, the LED display just stopped working after only one month. Most annoying considering the cost. I had not dropped or damaged it in any way, it just simply stopped displaying the time. I would not recommend this case.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Kasie

Sorry to hear you have had problems with this item. Please contact us so we can investigate further.
Great cover nice functions
Great cover led lighting very good down site small bit expensive
item is very good
The item failed in 3 months but the replacement service was marvellous efficient and prompt sent on Monday new one delivered on thursday CONGRATULATIONS
Not worth the price
Great customer service however I can't recommend this case, after only 3 months it appears the little ribbon cable inside the case has broken and the display no longer works.
For the price i would've expected a bit more longevity out of the case
Excellent Case
As i had used a similar case with my note 4, hence i was sure about the quality being good. The case is light and good, worth every penny.
Excellent Case
As i had used a similar case with my note 4, hence i was sure about the quality being good. The case is light and good, worth every penny.
I absolutely love this case
I really love the case and the LED display, the case (mine is gold) fits the phone perfectly and looks amazing with a perfect colour match. I only gave it 4 stars because this is the 3rd one I've had since March (now August) as the LED display stopped working. However, I have had a no quibble replacement both times and I believe the fault has now been rectified.
Great Case
Great case, I have 2 x S7 Edge phones (work and private) and got this case on both phones... fantastic quality and great to use.
outstanding customer service .
Not bad
A lovely case indeed but the LED stopped working within a month. Havent dropped of knocked it once so thats disappointing.
Disappointed with quality
Samsung have created a lovely secure case but the quality isn't great. After only two weeks the front cover is cracking on the corner.

Would not recommend especially for price.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Debbie

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this case. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate this issue further.
Beautiful samsung case i love it. My family & collagues all comment how beautiful this case is. No regrets of purchasing this expensive one that will last long term . Very happy with the product , will definitely recommend to friends & family.
product quality and original
Best cover for S7
Best and smooth cover for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Gold and Gold cover. "Match made in Haven" Such a smooth package complements each other. Will not regret in buying this. As this cover do all function for for you. No more function key pressing is needed as this cover does it for you. Excellent cover and fully worth it.
Super Case
This is a fantastic case - easy to fit, and so useful. The ability to see the time or who's calling without opening the case is fab. Volume can be adjusted through the case, and calls answered without even opening it.
Colour is more a very dark charcoal than black, but looks cool.
The case adds extra protection to the phone and also has a pocet for cards inside.
I love it.
If I could make one design addition I would include a magnetic flap to keep the case closed.
Fancy case! Too bad last 2 months
Love it X 3 for this fancy case, no one else has it! Super cute income caller logo can be set up! Very useful hi-tech just swipe from the leather case without open it.
Too bad only last 2 months, it suddenly broken ,LED not working,cant pick up the phone with the case like usual, But Mobilefun provide BEST SERVICE, they pick up by DHL for FREE and send me replacement.
I will think for second now to buying expensive accessory from outside the Country , cause US model will be cover with 12 months warranty, just have to pay more.
But still will shop again from Mobilefun! Grest service and usually release new product before everyone does!
Excellent product
This is an excellent cover that protects my phone and adds functionality. It is easy to use, does not drain the battery, and is an unusual talking point!
The price was exceptionally good - I never expected to get this cover at this price. Check around yourself - I don't believe youll beat the price.
Most importantly, however, is the service from mobile Fun which was top knotch. When a problem arose with delivery (not their fault) they immediately replied and took action to resolve it to my 100% satisfaction.
I'm delighted with the case .... and the supplier.
Love it!
I got the official led wallet cover for my Samsung S7 Edge . I love it and loads of people asking where I got it.
Great service from Mobile Fun Ireland.
Good if it would last
LCD Screen looks the Part if only it would last as unfortunately mine only lasted 4 Months.
At this Price it should not have Developed a fault.
Best Cover for S7 Gold
The best cover for Samsung Galaxy S7 Gold. This cover eliminates pressing the "Home key/Power, as well as volume +- keys. Best Product and Highly recommend the product.
Great Quality and Stylish
The cover for the Galaxy S7 is fantastic. Fits perfectly, looks great and the LED screen is cool. I wouldn't really change the design. Easy to answer or reject calls by just swiping on cover. Also tells you when you have a missed call or message on the cover. Assigning a picture to a contact is also nice feature. Love it.
The best
This is the best case, light and very sturdy
Absolutely loved this, I would have given it 5 stars. However, after around 3 weeks it stopped working. The customer services at mobile fun have been brilliant so far and I have returned the item for inspection and hopefully a replacement. One little gripe though is that the wallet flicks open where it is being open and closed for use. Maybe a magnetic fastener or similar could have improved the design.
Excellent case
This is a stylish and practical case which will protect your phone and enhance the user experience. If there is one function I would have added it would be a stand. But that's a minor gripe. This product is highly recommended.
Love it
Such a cool case. Fits the Samsung 7 edge perfectly. The led part led part is awesome.
very beautiful
the unit was delivered timeously and certainly fullfils all my expectations well done
Great case every one want to know where i got it from and of course as a long standing customer of Mobile Fun i always recommend. great service guys thanks again
Great Product at Best Price
I bought this product and very happy with the shipping and packaging. As promised I received genuine product. Onetime at great condition.
Excellent Case!
This an excellent case that compliments the style of the Galaxy S7 edge. The LED notifications gives it a very futuristic look.
Love this L.E.D. cover! Lightweight yet durable, and the silver adds a sleek look to the silver phone. Can't find the silver covers in the U.S. yet and shipping was really fast!
Beautiful case with fun features
I got this case for my wife, because she wanted something that looked nice, but also gave her front and back protection. I originally thought the LED's where holes that utilized the phones display, but no they are dedicated LED's and they look awesome! Wireless charging works fine and you could MAYBE fit two credit/debt cards in it. She's had it now a couple weeks and so far so good! I would recommend it.
It is a lovely case, but I would have preferred that the time actually stayed illuminated instead of just staying on there for a split second.
It is a lovely case, but I would have preferred that the time actually stayed illuminated instead of just staying on there for a split second.
Very Happy!
This product for some reason is not available in silver here in the U.S. Found your website offering factory flip cover in SILVER online and immediately ordered it. I have never ordered before from mobilefun. I was worried it would not be correct as decribed but was happy when package arrived very quickly only 1 week from time shipping to me, arrived in factory packing and working great. I was provided great information about entire transaction from order, to processing of order, and shipping with tracking. Item is great, get compliments on it all the time. Item was more reasonably priced than expected (cheaper than local stores only having black and gold covers). Highly recommend this cover if you have the platinum colored S7 Edge and Mobilefun did great on sale.
Excellent product and company
I bought a Samsung Cover for my S7 Edge from Mobile Fun. The product was competitively priced and delivered on time as promised. What more do you want from a company? I am very satisfied with all aspects of the transaction.
Very happy with my purchase.
Product arrived on time and I was very happy with it.
Great service would purchase from your company again.

Keep up the good service
Very happy with my purchase.
Product arrived on time and I was very happy with it.
Great service would purchase from your company again.

Keep up the good service
A phone case with class and convenience
This is a very classy looking phone case with a convenient compartment for several cards (credit cards, photo ID, etc.) and perhaps a few cash bills. I love the retro digital display on the phone cover that you can even customize with certain digital characters based on who's calling. It matches my silver titanium phone perfectly. I also like that it unsnaps from my phone very easily when I want to put my phone into my armband for workouts. This is my favorite phone case so far. It's also technically vegan, if that's a concern. Well done Samsung.
Nice case! The silver looks really slick! Can't find these anywhere in the U.S. and shipping was very fast from MobileFun!
Excellent product
Great item to have for your Samsung phone. It protects the phone, and the added features it has are great.
Great item to have for your Samsung phone. It protects the phone, and the added features it has are great.
Nice looking cover fits very well
Nice looking cover fits very well to the phone The led is clearly a feature of the cover which gives you the time miss calls and you can see who as called you at one quick glance
Love it
I bought this case because I love the wallet feature it offers but the added features are a bonus. I love the look it adds to my phone. I love being able to look at the time without flipping the cover over and able to answer calls from the close cover. I love this case ALOT!
Very useful, well thought out cover!!
The led samsung flip cover is very useful indeed, To start its light and just clips over no battery needs to be removed or back cover of the phone.All buttons, sensors, access to sim and sd card can be accessed without taking case off. Notifications through the led display are clear and super cool to look at!!, Definately a must have!, The Silver seems to look the smartest and goes nice with the gold!!
5 stars
Best flip case i have ever bought,looks great when it lights up,cover protects screen case does not add a lot of bulk to phone.very happy purchase well worth 5 stars also delivery was very prompt.
Great LED Case For Galaxy S7 Edge
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge LED case is excellent along with an excelllent price and five star delivery service from Mobilefun. Thank you.
great case
i love the case for the s7 edge ......although some people have said they would not have paid the price asked for it .....mines arrived when mobilefun.co.uk said it would ...even when i went to vodafone in livingston the assistant said they were not on sale yet .....to which i showed him my case and said it looks like they are not on sale and his reply was they would be around £60.00......so im glad i got mine via yourselves ...thank you very much
thomas healy
Excellent samsung galaxy edge cover
Excellent product.Just what was needed to give that extra protection while adding some extra class to a great smart phone. Good quality feel and seems hard wearing . Gives good screen protection while the led feature adds to the classy smart phone experience.
Great case with some major flaws
Good case with some major flaws, check out my YouTube review click the link and subscribe for more

I hope this helps enjoy
This is great case for the S7. Got some good features for phone cover.
Excellent case
Expensive case but I like the way it fits the S7 Edge. Nice snug fit, also like the LED display on the front of the cover. Shows time & notifications. Also can answer the phone without having to open the cover flap. Quick delivery to arrived withing 48hrs. Which is excellent as I only went for the standard 3-5 days Royal Mail. So excellent turnaround from Mobilefun

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