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Curvyman Cord Supervisor

Keep your cables organised and protected with the Carvyman Cord Supervisor With a bendable design, this twin pack is perfect for headphones, charging cables and more.
  • Mobile Fun ID 70485
  • Brand Nite Ize
  • Nite Ize
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Why Buy?

  • Prevent cables from snapping and bending
  • On the straight and narrow
  • Keep cables compact and safe
  • Ideal for earphones, charging cables and more
  • Super-compact and ultra-lightweight

Prevent cables from snapping and bending

If you're a regular headphone user, you'll know the pain of having an internal wire bend out of place or even snap completely, rendering your favourite pair of earbuds completely unusable. With the Nite Ize Gear Tie Cordable Twist Cable Tie, you can wave goodbye to this problem. Curvyman's unique shape is perfect for keeping your earphones tangle-free and the attached S-Binder makes it easy to clip Curvyman anywhere you go.


On the straight and narrow

Your cables need never bend, snap or become damaged from regular use again. All you need to do is pop one of your cord through a hole at this base, wrap it up around his middle, clip the other end through the second slit at his top.and one of the most common wear'n'tear problems headphones frequently suffer is a thing of the past.


Curvyman™ Cord Supervisor™ 


Keep cables compact and safe

This little tool is designed to manage your headphones so, why not use the  Curvyman Cord Supervisor a handy way to keep unsightly cables tied up and out of the way?


Ideal for earphones, charging cables and more

The size and shape of the Curvyman Cord Supervisor Tie make it absolutely ideal for small, wired earphones and earbuds and more.


Super-compact and ultra-lightweight

The Curvyman Cord Supervisor weighs barely more than a feather and its size is minimal, so you can place it in your pocket, backpack, wallet, purse or in any other carrying method you care to name. You'll always have a way to keep your cables safe at hand.


Key Details

Part No CVM-03-01
UPC 0946640148240
Colour Black

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