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Three technology packed, futuristic, cases for the iPhone 5S

Wednesday 19th March 2014 by Julien Guiguet in Accessories, iOS, iPhone 5S.

Let me present three amazing cases for the iPhone 5S that will enhance the device’s functionality more than any other cases available at the moment. Read on and be amazed.


Wello Health Tracker Case for iPhone 5S / 5

Whether you’re a fitness buff or are just interested in keep an eye on your health you can do so on the go with the Wello. This case features built-in health sensors that will measure your heart rate, blood pressure and other health metrics (including lung function with the spirometer which is sold separately).

All you have to do is place your fingers on the sensors located on the back of the case and it will take all the necessary measurements in a couple of seconds. The free Wello App will save your health metrics and display them in a great format that helps you spot trends and check changes over time.

What’s really great about the Wello is that it’s unexpectedly slim and lightweight. It looks like any other case and it’s really easy to forget about it as it adds virtually no bulk to the iPhone.

Mophie 16GB Space Pack for iPhone 5S / 5 – White

The Mophie Space Pack is the first rechargeable battery case in the world that expands the iPhone 5S’s memory. Get 16GB of extra storage and 100% extra battery power by using this case. Brilliant!

Not only does this smartphone cover make your 5S two times better, it also looks great. Available in both Black and White it can be matched to your iPhone’s design.

FLIR One Personal Thermal Imaging Case for iPhone 5 / 5S

Have you ever wanted to see in the dark? Now you can with the FLIR One Personal Thermal Imaging Case. This allows you to see in the dark and spot invisible heat sources – you can see through smoke and thin materials too.

This case has tons of uses including moisture detection and heat loss detection for home DIY, personal safety (great for spotting people and animals in the dark and staying safe when camping or getting home late) and even fun uses such as spotting your children when playing hide and seek.

The FLIR One costs only a fraction of the price of a full fledged FLIR camera which can cost between 2000 and 40000 SGD and it lets you see in total darkness like some sort of nocturnal superhero. What’s not like about it?


You can find all these cases and hundreds more on our iPhone 5S cases page. Browse the page now and find your dream case.

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